Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marshmallow Dreams~

I just baked half a dozen Mile High Marshmallow Cupcakes from the 200 Cupcakes book that BF got me for Christmas. This is the... third recipe, but second successful recipe... I think. They were nice. A little sweet but very cute and nice to look at! ^.^

I was also going to post up another pic of 'guess how much I spent' but... well forgot... =\ oops.

I also have a new favourite song, a NZ band nonetheless. It was very weird kinda how I discovered it, I was walking to uni on Monday and was at Upper Queen Street and heard that song playing from some speakers outside a barber place. Odd? A little. A Asian girl just randomly standing there....

Anyways, should be sleeping now. Lots to do tomorrow and hopefully will also have time to at the end of the day to post up my finances... I already know it's not good. Time to reassess and add new goals, tomorrow.


  1. I soooooo wish I didn't suck at baking. Oh well!

    Newest follower here. I'm the gold icon :)

    Found ya thru 20 sb.

    Heart this blog :)

    Follow me too?

    I'm on www.single-unsingle.blogspot.com

  2. those look amazing!! <3 your blog. found you through kendieveryday. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  3. They look delicious!
    Its funny when you discover new things like that, especially songs. The hard part is trying to remember what they are so that you can find them online later!


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