Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Karen Walker Love

I visited my friend, T today and omg I loved the Karen Walker heart ring that she got for her birthday from another friend... I actually loved it before I seen it, courtesy of this post on nzgirl.

So, in commemoration of that, some of my favourite things from the Karen Walker range I like and want...

Photo Credit: Walker and Hall
And, also I feel that these weekly updates aren't enough.... hmmm. But I just don't have anything to update with >_< Maybe the beginning of the Project365 will bring a weekly feature... hope you're all having a wonderful beginning to the week. I'm also tired of job searching! Getting a little  beaten down with the rejections... =\ any advice?


  1. The Karen Walker jewellery is gorgeous! I love the box and star rings.

    Good luck with the job applications, its never easy and the rejection is always tough. My only advice is to keep trying and always ask for detailed feedback when rejected - I was offered a job by a company because I was more than happy listen to and discuss their feedback as to why I was rejected!

  2. @Alexandra I know right! Sooo beautiful!! Thanks for the advice, will try that next time~


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