Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Month

It's going to be a new month! And so means I will be starting my 30 for 30 Challenge soon! Gotta get it all ready and want to take individual pics of the  items of clothing but I'm not sure if I will be able to... we'll see.

I quite like new months, means that if you've made mistakes or want to start again, a new month is just there for you to do so. Although, could be said for days and weeks too... but I guess, for me anyway, it's just too short of a span of time and there's no really "distinguishable-ness" about days or weeks. Well, there is, the days of the week (i.e. Monday, Tuesday etc) but... there's no inclusion of a set of week and days?

Anyways. This month I hope to begin routines like moisterizing everyday cos I just felt itchy and possibly means my skin is dry, I put some moisterizer on it and it's fine now. As well as that, I also hope to get my online photography course done. And oooh! Tomorrow is the beginning of a new uni semester... feels sort of weird that kind of know a few people returning and I'm.... not. Probably will get used to that feeling, I guess for the while, I'm on an extended holiday. I applied for a bunch of jobs on Trademe and 2 SJS jobs. Trademe are mostly temp jobs since, I think I don't want to be tied down to one job although it would be good (read: stable income) but, what if I find a job that I want two or three weeks into the job? But then, I guess the same predicament can be found here... hmm.

Anyways! Onto other topics....
Pretty Little Liars! That show is good! (In my opinion) What's been happening on Sundays, since last week (when I found out that it was playing on TV2) is me coming home from work,  doing some stuff and then sitting down in the lounge with laptop and left over dips and crackers from work and enjoying the show! I love it, wish I hadn't missed the first episode.. been meaning to find the first episode online....
And lastly, will be posting my monthly spendings tomorrow night~ I will save the financial talk for tomorrow but in a spate of boredom, I discovered I spend more than I earn... D: 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dark Day....

Just wanted to extend out my condolences and thoughts to the people and family and friends of Christchurch are  alright. This is just so sad and my heart breaks when I'm watching the visuals of the scenes after the earthquake. Just so awful.

Lots of love and hope for them. My heart goes out to them...

Next Step

The above picture has nothing to do with this post, just thought [and from this post onwards,] it would be nice to have something visually nice to look at it... kind of relates... with stuffed monkey working? But anyways...
I looked for jobs in admin tonight and found a few that I was qualified/experienced in.

Though, my dilemma is, should I look for a admin job at a company that is related to my field of study so I can level up/climb up the ladder/be in the know if any jobs are going within the company or just essentially get any admin job for the time being while also looking at relevant jobs? Cos the thing that I'm thinking about is that obviously, most of these jobs are full-time permanent and I am [already] feeling bad if I left pretty much as soon as I start [not literally, but even a month or two, that would be... not good =\]
I think I'm going to go have a talk with a careers counselor at uni, while I still can...

Monday, February 21, 2011


I wish the title was referring to me being finished my degree. But it's pretty close. Just one more presentation in which I might wing.... hmm, maybe not.

Anyways, the title is referring to being finished my second book of the year... so, so far my goal for reading 17 books maybe going according to plan... well, actually it would be if I were to read 12 books, but I think I will be able to read another 5... actually, just started reading Pretty Little Liars before even being finished Sloppy Firsts.

I'm intrigued by Pretty Little Liars TV programme. Watched the second episode of the first season today. Really good, has the element of intrigue as I read on Lights MB... it has amped me up for what's coming up... so I'm thinking possibly Pretty Little Liars is going to be my third book, although I have another four books that I borrowed from the library to read before this time next month....

And, just to say something about the book I just finished reading before moving on. I liked it! By the end anyway. I didn't really like it at the beginning, and was actually going to just read the first and not the rest, but now that I've finished reading it, I want to know what happens next! Left at a cliffhanger! So, yes will definitely be reading the rest. I also love the Marcus Flutie. He's so awesome and so awww-worthy at times!~

While also updating my books challenge thing, might do a little update about my 2011 movies challenge... unfortunately that's not going as swimmingly... I think I should be up to 24 movies by now...  but not. Although I have seen a few movies since then, 2 last week in fact! I enjoyed one and throughly hated the latter! I think I was going to update about that movie [Due Date, btw] but, didn't for some reason but yeah. Awful and annoying movie! Hated it, all throughout pretty much!! DX I liked Unstoppable though!

And now, time for some photos for some light relief! Made/melted chocolate and poured them into moulds for Valentine's Day for boyfriend! I do admit it was a very last minute idea, but great nonetheless! ^^ Also, celebrated our two-year anniversary last week too! =) Actually, nearly forgot what we did, lol but I think it was just a nice homecooked meal since he didn't want to go out due to crowds..

Dinner one night... potato and leek soup | Valentine's Day gift for the boyfriend ~ moulded choc hearts!

Also, was very due for a blog post! Also been thinking about reviewing goals monthly and maybe even making monthly goals.... to make it even more specific and cos you'll probably forget if it's just yearly goals.. also [my third also] can't wait for the next month to begin, even though I did want to do it this month starting last week but... forgot and stuff. Can't wait for next month so can do my first 30 for 30 Challenge! Maybe even 31 for 30... since there's 31 days in March. Think will take photos of the 30 items so I have a visual and cos then it'll be somewhat easy to document too :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Tonight, went to La Bruschetteria at Elliot Stables with the boyfriend. It was real nice and different to anything I've ever eaten. I bought a voucher at Spreets and so saved some money... $24 to be exact. Then afterwards, just hung out with some friends at The Bluestone Room. Nice and breezy night~ :]

Blue Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms, tomatos; rocket, cream cheese and ham?; salami, capsicum, cheddar?


This morning, got most of my co-op lit review and industry report completed, only have about the conclusions to go in each and then.... will be done with the written part and just have the oral presentation to do... and then it will be the 'real world'.... eep. This evening, had dinner with family and then hung out with some other people in the same group of friend's at DA's house. It was nice. Although, was scared that my car will be broken into since LL's car was the last time he was here... eek. But it was okay, cos got to park inside the gates~ ^^  Then tomorrow, after work, it's LL's birthday celebration tomorrow, kinda excited for some reason :D

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cause I never knew what I wanted till I looked into your eyes

This past weekend was spent in Hamilton for a friend's 21st and then the next day was spent catching up with friends. And then the following days were spent procrastinating, sleeping and finally doing some work for my last paper for uni.... forever..

So that's what I've been doing lately. Will also post up photos from the Project 265 I've started again... only missing a few days so will try and figure out what I did on those days and post them up... hopefully will be able to complete that this year. Still need to do that 30 for 30 challenge sometime...

Thought would post a little update since last week updated almost everyday! >_< I would also leave you with a very nice photo, but I'm too lazy to get off the bed and get my memory card... sorry.. hope everyone had a lovely beginning of week~

Friday, February 4, 2011

TwentyEleven Goals

Beginning February 4, 2011. I will also summarize monthly and see how I go... I don't think I did too well in January, so will begin again. Also, for my own conveneicne and possibly yours too, categorized by category.
  1. Finish Photography course by the end of the year! [Hobbies]
       ~ Take more photos - better capture/document events/2011!   ~ Use the camera that goes everywhere~
  2. Blog -regularly- at least twice a week! [Hobbies]
  3. Craft at least once a month... [Hobbies]
       ~ Utilize that craft book purchased a couple of months ago
  4. Develop other hobbies - reading, watching movies instead of internetting [Hobbies]   ~ ties in with book and movie challenges
           = 211 Movies in 2011
           = 17-27 [or more] books in 2011 ~ 1-2 books a month plus 5-2 more....
  5. Be more punctual & keep and attend plans. [Personal]
  6. 6-8 hours sleep [Personal]
  7. Put more effort into appearance and clothes~ Especially *appearance* ~ fashion challenges/blog and photographic evidence! [Personal]
  8. Gain weight.... tied into.....
    3 meals a day! - Record eatings from 7/02/11 [
  9. Be more money-wise. Have at least $10 left in everyday account [Finances]
  10. Have $3,500 in long term savings and start a Emergency Fund with 3-6 months of pay in there at all times. [Finances]
  11. Track finances [Finances]
  12. Complete co-op by February 17. [Uni]   ~ Complete readings by February 8
       ~ Complete learning plan, industry report February 10
       ~ Literature Report completed by February 17, at the latest! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Discovering The Amazement That is Photoshop....

So, I just discovered the amazingness that is photoshopping an image and how amazingly more awesome it is than of a regular-taken image!

Obviously, can tell which is photoshopped... used to think that photos should be kept in its original state but after playing around, some can definitely do with some photoshopping... and obviously also, I know that pretty much all those models and such are photoshopped and I guess all the other photos in magazines too..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dinner Tonight!

Lately... or the past few days, have been spending quite a lot of time in the kitchen (or 2 times since Peanut Butter Cookie making...).
Today, whipped up enchiladas with beans, canned tomatoes and smoked chicken, with a side of salsa with mint and addition of capsicum too~

Dinner with a side of Hot Chocolate Submarine!
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