Friday, February 4, 2011

TwentyEleven Goals

Beginning February 4, 2011. I will also summarize monthly and see how I go... I don't think I did too well in January, so will begin again. Also, for my own conveneicne and possibly yours too, categorized by category.
  1. Finish Photography course by the end of the year! [Hobbies]
       ~ Take more photos - better capture/document events/2011!   ~ Use the camera that goes everywhere~
  2. Blog -regularly- at least twice a week! [Hobbies]
  3. Craft at least once a month... [Hobbies]
       ~ Utilize that craft book purchased a couple of months ago
  4. Develop other hobbies - reading, watching movies instead of internetting [Hobbies]   ~ ties in with book and movie challenges
           = 211 Movies in 2011
           = 17-27 [or more] books in 2011 ~ 1-2 books a month plus 5-2 more....
  5. Be more punctual & keep and attend plans. [Personal]
  6. 6-8 hours sleep [Personal]
  7. Put more effort into appearance and clothes~ Especially *appearance* ~ fashion challenges/blog and photographic evidence! [Personal]
  8. Gain weight.... tied into.....
    3 meals a day! - Record eatings from 7/02/11 [
  9. Be more money-wise. Have at least $10 left in everyday account [Finances]
  10. Have $3,500 in long term savings and start a Emergency Fund with 3-6 months of pay in there at all times. [Finances]
  11. Track finances [Finances]
  12. Complete co-op by February 17. [Uni]   ~ Complete readings by February 8
       ~ Complete learning plan, industry report February 10
       ~ Literature Report completed by February 17, at the latest! 

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  1. It is always good to set specific goals. It gives your life purpose and order. Wishing you the best of luck in completing these goals :)


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