Saturday, February 12, 2011


Tonight, went to La Bruschetteria at Elliot Stables with the boyfriend. It was real nice and different to anything I've ever eaten. I bought a voucher at Spreets and so saved some money... $24 to be exact. Then afterwards, just hung out with some friends at The Bluestone Room. Nice and breezy night~ :]

Blue Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms, tomatos; rocket, cream cheese and ham?; salami, capsicum, cheddar?


This morning, got most of my co-op lit review and industry report completed, only have about the conclusions to go in each and then.... will be done with the written part and just have the oral presentation to do... and then it will be the 'real world'.... eep. This evening, had dinner with family and then hung out with some other people in the same group of friend's at DA's house. It was nice. Although, was scared that my car will be broken into since LL's car was the last time he was here... eek. But it was okay, cos got to park inside the gates~ ^^  Then tomorrow, after work, it's LL's birthday celebration tomorrow, kinda excited for some reason :D


  1. Mmm...that looks delicious. And good luck entering the "real world." I still have a year to go =)


  2. I've never heard of that place but the food looks amazing! I just had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and starved for over 24 hours so EVERYTHING sounds and looks extra delicious to me today haha.

  3. Thanks Whitney, good luck for your last year :)

    Yeah, neither have I until I got that voucher and realized it was there... though I think two was enough rather than three!


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