Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spending Like It's Going Out of Fashion

Since getting paid last week. I have been spending like there's no tomorrow... >_< I think since pay day, I've bought:

  • Dress from Pagani ($40)
  • L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6 hour lip gloss ($28)
  • Mink Feel Blanket and 2x pillows from Warehouse - cos I forgot  blanket+pillow when going down to Hamilton.. ($37.98 - $8 for pillow)  
  • Car charger ($8.90 + shipping) ~ not really a big spend..
  • HP Multifunction Printer ($56)
  • Coat hangers, hand towels and a pair of pink flats from Warehouse($18) 
I will post up pictures hopefully sometime this week. 

Last weekend was a pretty sweet weekend with friends. I went down to Hamilton for work and three of my friends spontaneously and randomly decided to come down and visit me, pretty much lol. This was the night that I realized that there isn't much to do in Hamilton... it was a fun night. Ended up eating leftover chocolate custard in the car with bananas. It's really nice. I really do like Fairtrade bananas! I also ended up selling out of all the stock that was in the store over 2 days, that was meant to be for 3 days? It was great.
Went back up to Auckland on Saturday night since I sold out of the stock and so couldn't work the next day and saw friends again, ended up going on a random mini road trip to Matakana. There's nothing there. But we just ended up going to Orewa beach. Good random times!
Lastly, Sunday night, dinner with friends at a Chinese restaurant after work followed by Hulu Cat - pearl milk tea. Good end to the night :)

Sadly, don't have any photos.. but I think it's pretty much summed up. Ah, start of a new month soon! How the first six months went by so, incredibly fast! Where did it all go? I still haven't found a job, I'm thinking going to try harder this month onwards and actually look everyday or couple of days... wish me luck. I applied for a job at my current work, something more, a step up from what I do now, kinda.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Messy Dinners and Paydays

Payday yesterday was amazing. I got paid a grand for 17.5 hours of work! O_O I hope I have this job for a little while longer because that means I will possibly be able to get the phone I want sooner then I think, I hope :)

And then onto other things such as the dinner I had tonight and the movie I saw yesterday...

Tonight, kind of in celebration of my being paid, a lot BF and I went out to dinner at La Bocca restaurant in Parnell and dessert at The Chocolate Boutique (no photos from here unfortunately, but we had it to takeaway anyway). It was amazing! Hmmm.. okay maybe not amazing but the service from the waiter certainly was. Actually, it was quite amazing, really did enjoy the meal and the saffron risotto was good. So yeah a good night and dinner! :) That was followed by dessert at The Chocolate Boutique. It wasn't really amazing, but then I got to the bottom and it was amazing then. I really do like Chocolate Boutique! Had some really nice and yum looking chocolates but already had a few too many chocolates at home so resisted the temptation to buy any. Photos follow!

Gratin of pan fried king prawns with garlic, white wine, fresh and sun dried tomatoes on saffron risotto (source)
The end. Clean(ish) plate =)

And other photos from here and there. Speaking of photos, should really finish that photography course at Proud Photography! I think I'll save the movie review for another entry.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wish You Were Here

The post in which I wonder about my employment future/a rant

My current job situation is like this: I am working part time/casual at a promotions company promoting mainly food products, I think this is called FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)... but anyways, while also working part time at a educational union 5 days a week. Next week will be the week that I will have ever worked 7 days in a row and also on one day 8 hours... maybe I've done more than 8 hours once, but I guess since working at a bookshop about 5-6 years ago. Since then, I have not worked for more than 5 hours.

So, my dilemma is bundled with my wants of moving out into the city because to me it would just be so much more convenient but then at the same time would be costly, should I get just any job or should I be a bit more patient and put my wants aisde and only apply for jobs that are related to or in (i.e receptionist/administrator at a events company) my field of study (event management).

I've been having this dilemma for a while. There's a few jobs that I have seen that are not related to my field of study but is a job that "will do for now". So, yeah wondering if I should just get 'any' job for now... Although, on the other hand, I have seen this advertisement for a job in Wellington that is graduate/entry-level that I think will be perfect for me! So, I've definitely applied for that. Oh, on top of all that, I may be a Girl Guide Leader. I read up on the job description and seems that could really help in the future with securing an Events job, with the organizing and planning of activities. So, that would help, I think.

She Will Be Loved

Ok, I think it's time for an update. Last week was really fun. There was definitely a nice end to the week with celebratory drinks (and getting a little too tipsy from shots and a bar tab... :| ) with friends. Lovely end to the week. I also got called up last minute to work so it's even better that I will be getting paid in two week's time! ^^

As well as that, this week or more last week, scored a more stable job, if only on a temporary basis, doing menial tasks at an educational union. I like the work, not hard and getting paid, so not a lot to complain about and also it's half days so can do other stuff too like mystery shop :)

I also need to post and photograph outfits for my ThreeSixFiveWays blog.... and I also realized when I clicked on it, that the link was wrong :\ it's right now but I forgot one word in the link o_o I think I also need to finish it... :s I don't know if I will bother finishing it...

And then now I leave you with yummy photos of food and I hope other things too!
Bollero food. So goood >_<

GPK dinner. So good and worthwhile! 

 Easter gift and chocolates!

The best chocolate ever! <3 Guylian is so good!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Graduation Week!

 Ooooh, an exciting and happy week for all graduates that are graduating and going to get their degree in the form of a piece of paper declaring their hard work of the past 3+ years! A week filled with graduation photos with friends that are graduating and also with friends and family for graduates! :)

Even though I'm not graduating and getting my official piece of paper till August! D: So far away! :( But anyways, this post isn't about me, it's a post congratulating the graduates for 2011!  Let the celebrations begin! I know I'll be at one come Friday~ ^^

Happy Graduating!~

Image Source
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