Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spending Like It's Going Out of Fashion

Since getting paid last week. I have been spending like there's no tomorrow... >_< I think since pay day, I've bought:

  • Dress from Pagani ($40)
  • L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6 hour lip gloss ($28)
  • Mink Feel Blanket and 2x pillows from Warehouse - cos I forgot  blanket+pillow when going down to Hamilton.. ($37.98 - $8 for pillow)  
  • Car charger ($8.90 + shipping) ~ not really a big spend..
  • HP Multifunction Printer ($56)
  • Coat hangers, hand towels and a pair of pink flats from Warehouse($18) 
I will post up pictures hopefully sometime this week. 

Last weekend was a pretty sweet weekend with friends. I went down to Hamilton for work and three of my friends spontaneously and randomly decided to come down and visit me, pretty much lol. This was the night that I realized that there isn't much to do in Hamilton... it was a fun night. Ended up eating leftover chocolate custard in the car with bananas. It's really nice. I really do like Fairtrade bananas! I also ended up selling out of all the stock that was in the store over 2 days, that was meant to be for 3 days? It was great.
Went back up to Auckland on Saturday night since I sold out of the stock and so couldn't work the next day and saw friends again, ended up going on a random mini road trip to Matakana. There's nothing there. But we just ended up going to Orewa beach. Good random times!
Lastly, Sunday night, dinner with friends at a Chinese restaurant after work followed by Hulu Cat - pearl milk tea. Good end to the night :)

Sadly, don't have any photos.. but I think it's pretty much summed up. Ah, start of a new month soon! How the first six months went by so, incredibly fast! Where did it all go? I still haven't found a job, I'm thinking going to try harder this month onwards and actually look everyday or couple of days... wish me luck. I applied for a job at my current work, something more, a step up from what I do now, kinda.


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