Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!

As I have mentioned before somewhere/time in my blog, I love new months. It's always a good opportunity to start anew cos it's not like you can always get a new year so often.. But yes. I think I have been neglecting those financial posts and goals. Well, I think it's time to start anew! I have spent so much just because I have gotten a lot of money... well, hopefully not this month. I am expecting about a grand from tax returns and tomorrow a nice big pay unlike my normal ones because I worked out of town and got petrol and accommodation pay too.

Though, after saying that, I am going to be going away in a couple of days (3 to be exact). It's going to be wonderful. I will also be the only attached friend there... that should be fun. But hopefully won't be spending too much, another friend, TS didn't really want to spend over $80. Could be done, accommodation split between us all is about $47, maybe cheaper if more people come. We'll see. Definitely keep you posted.

So. The goals:

June Goals

  1. Read 2 books.
  2. Watch 15(+) movies.
  3. Work 15(+) hours/week.
  4. Save 20%/$40 each week.
  5. One "splurge"/purchase a week (if/when paid).
  6. Weekly blogging (on both blogs) & (private) journaling.
  7. Three meals a day/decent wake ups (to do this = food blog)
Spendings Round-up!
I find it so difficult to classify things. I'm not sure if it's the perfectionist/Virgo in me but I want the categories to be super detailed.... then I wonder does it really need to be that detailed? My current categories (that I have listed for June onwards) are:
  • Dining+Bars (with friends)
  • Dining BF (with boyfriend)
  • Homewares
  • Monthly (expenses such as mobile top up, magazine purchase and car insurance but that is filed under car costs... what do you think, should it be filed under monthly or car costs?)
  • Car Costs (purchases retlated to my car such as most recently jump start cables, maintenance, WOF, registration etc)
  • Clothes+Grooming (beauty, clothes and the like purchases)
  • Gifts
  • Savings
  • Groceries (purchases from the supermarket to make dinner and other things such as snacks and such)
  • Dairy buys (purchases from the dairy, usually when I require money for the bus.... or like recently water from the service station. Should this just be under a combined "food+groceries" category? Justification for this is that I want to target my spendings and know exactly where to cut back/where I am buying foods from.... hmm)
  • Biscuit (purchases related to my pet guinea pig, usually just vegetables, pellets, hay, check ups etc)
  • Transport (fuel purchases and bus/train tickets)
  • Socializing (I contemplated having this under entertainment but in the past I have had magazine purchases and also book buys under the entertainment category... socialising is things like karaoke, pool etc. Hmm. Advice?)
  • Holidays (thought I ought to have a 'holidays' category...)
  • Meals Out (breakfast, lunch and dinners that are purchased/had outside of the home... or should that also go under a combined "food+groceries" category?)
  • Debts (very unusual but yeah, self-explanatory)
So that is how things are categorized from now on for me and well, how I categorize.. May summary under the cut.

Transport: Filled up 5 times around $70 each time. I guess in accordance. There's 5 weeks in this month..
Miscellaneous: Bought a car phone charger (phone dies in a day if I txt constantly...), homewares such as blanket, pillows for when I forgot them when I went down to Hamilton as mentioned here and also coat hangers and hand towels for the house. Also, paid off a debt to FPA and had a new debit card fee.
Entertainment: A movie ($11) and half an hour internet time ($1.50)
Dining: Dined out with friends a couple of times and they averaged $10 each time so not too bad.
Dining BF: Dined out a few times more than usual this month with BF. One was $95 and another 2 $40ish.
Car Costs: Bought a jump start cable and also got a car check and changed ownership for my new car.
Clothes&Grooming: Way more than usual. Bought 5 lip glosses (lost one, I know a bit overboard!), a dress or two I think, a ring, pink flats, oh another 3 nailpolishes at $3.99 each, 2 x stockings and a set of small make up brushes all for $10. Yeah, spent a tad too much on myself this month! >_<
One gift, meals out averaging $5 - $10 each time, 2 semi- bigish grocery shop to make dinner which was about $20 each time..

I realized I didn't do April's so I will do that sometime.


  1. Do you have any ideas what books to read? :)

  2. Wow go girl! Those are some awesome goals! I'm so with you about the reading 2 books! I'm reading Room, LA Candy and The first book in the Sweep series, Book of Shadows right now. :) My biggest expense is food... I always buy food. >_>


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