Friday, June 24, 2011

there ain't no reason why you and me should be alone tonight

I admit I have been incredibly lazy.... quite a lot of stuff has happened since last time I updated... not getting jobs... working too much/taking on too much >_< and just general social-ness. And, just the sheer overwhelmingness of sorting through the photos and "screening" them and deciding which ones I want to upload here.. not sure if I do want to upload group pics or pics with my friends in them soo yeah, that doesn't really leave much. But I have found some. Most of them are up on Facebook if you're friends with me there. It was quite an amazing trip even though I've already been there... I guess I didn't really do much the last time that I was there... cos of being poor. :\ Taupo pics will come sometime this week! Below is what I've been up to the past few weeks...

Oh yes! I have been watching Glee! OMG! I didn't know what I've been missing! My favourite song so far that I have been listening to for quite a few times a day is this (It's My Life/Confessions mashup by the guys -- haha love the video, they're like so hyped up and happy,  love it! <3) and this (Halo/Walking on Sunshine mashup by the guys... they all look soo sunny, I love their outfits! Esp the headbands haha), the second one's not the best quality but it's alright. I need to find a discussion forum on Glee! Quite a few things I wanna discuss! >_<

Anyways, the past week or two (or three?) in photos....

Pop Tarts! I got them at Sweet As in Taupo :) || Dress I got for a 70's party that I attended last Friday... it fits me ! I  Pagani! 
Katy Perry Shatter nail polish! I bought it, but this was done with my friend's (P) one... || Another dress I bought, this time at Glassons. I like glassons at times. When they have size 6's! 
Little projects I worked on for an upcoming site (that's just a secondary reason) and also because they're great little innovative solutions! A earring holder (studs and stuff... gotta work out a way for dangling ones....) and headband holder. This is my second attempt at the headband holder.. you really gotta find the thickest one to ensure that all headbands will stay where they're meant to stay and not slide down although that makes me wonder, will it stretch it and permanently stay that way...?
Movenpick Pear and Ginger Pudding! ♥ Sooo GOOOD!! Went there after my friend, T.S's "see you later" dinner ||  and the toy I got in my Kinder Surprise today. Finally got what I want! ^^ 


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