Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A couple of nights ago, Saturday I believe, BF and I went out to dinner at Tusk Thai Restaurant on Dominion Road with a voucher I had bought. It was amazing and totally worth the $39 I paid for the four-course meal! I ordered a type of chicken soup and Yellow Curry while BF ordered the hot and spicy soup and some main fish dish that I forgot the name of. Forgot to take a pic of the menu and by the time I remembered, it was too late. Oh well. BF enjoyed it and though it was nice. I thought the same. Photos to follow...

Starters: spring rolls, chicken and chicken, I think again with peanut sauce (loved it all!!)
The soups: my chicken one (left) and BF's hot and spicy.
Mains: (from top) Pad thai noodles, fish main and vegetables
Yellow curry
Dessert: Deep fried bananas with a real nice rapsberry-swirled icecream and apples!

And, other random things... painted my nails again but only had it on for less than 24 hours due to having to remove it for work :(  It took me forever to test out nail polishes and find the right one... for some reason, I wasn't "feeling" or liking almost all of them, till this one. It's Katy Perry's OPI collections - The One That Got Away with Teenage Dream on top. I want to get the Katy Perry collection now or those ones....

So, one thing that I mastered with photography is the "ghostly" people/making people disappear trick. I was sitting at the traffic lights on Queen Street when I decided to pull my camera out and the photography lesson homework that I have been on since.... a very long time and mastered that... I now know how to do this! Evidence below. I'm sure there's a name to this technique but yes, I need to get moving with my photography course.. only got about another 8-9 months to get all 13 lessons completed! My course is with ProudPhotography, btw.. I think it has the same course content as The Photography Institute and there was a deal making it significantly cheaper than TPI.. it was about $90. Signed up about a year and a half ago.

 Mastered, I think. :)

Oh yes, and lastly HIGH TEA AT STAMFORD WITH Pamela tomorrow! (or today...) Can't wait! Definitely will take photos! ^^


  1. The thai food looks delicious and I love the nail polish. I had no idea Katy Perry had released a collection.
    Well done on mastering the photography technique!

  2. oooo I haven't been to Tusk Thai! It looks delish!

    Love the nail colour - I'm struggling to find a black polish with a light sparkle through it. Will keep hunting!

  3. Um, WOW. Look at that food! It looks absolutely delicious!

  4. If i was a bigger fan of Thai food (my friends and family all hate that i'm not), I would totally drooling over that food, haha. And I've never been to high tea but i heard it's lovely at the Stamford!

    Also, isn't the effect achieved just by a slow shutter?

  5. mmmm, looks yum! i don't go out for thai much. i have occasional cravings... :P

    nice nails! i can't paint my nails because they have to be kept clean and cut. i guess patients wouldn't like doctors with nailpolish examining them :p


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