Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Better with the lights off

I am like addicted to this song! Listening to it over and over again! >_< Also quite into the French version of Simple Plan's new song "Jet Lag" (that's not released in NZ yet :[) featuring Marie (Mai). There's also the English version featuring Natasha Bedingfield


I love both of the songs at the moment... in particularly the first one.

I'm not actually sure what else I was going to update about. Oh yes, another tv show I discovered while browsing the selection. Switched at Birth. I'm not exactly  sure why I keep watching it. I find Bay to be really annoying and her nasally voice annoys me. She reminds me of somebody else who has a similar voice and I think might even look similar to her, but I have temporarily forgotten the name! I really like Daphne though. I don't know (probably) if it's because of how she was brought up but, it kind of seemingly always  happens in these kind of situations. In that, the poor girl who was brought up in a not-so-wealthy environment is always nicer and more understanding and caring and well, just all-round nice pretty much! (I'm also sure there's a similar story like this out there in terms of another tv show I've seen before) Obviously, she's more easily relatable and Bay (although a very unique and nice name...) is just so irritating and you just feel like throwing things at the tv/her! Bay's mum is also quite annoying at times... actually, most of them probably at one time or another I don't like how they do things. But, I just can't stop watching!

Ooooh, and onto more TV talk! The past weekend I pretty much spent the whole weekend at my friend, P's house and... we ended up watching the whole season (of 6 episodes) of The Walking Dead. AMAZING stuff! I can't wait for the second season... also can't wait for the third season of Glee! Want to see how things pan out! I really recommend The Walking Dead... Switched at Birth.... not so much, if you've got some spare time, sure but... I think it's kind of been done before, but I think I am just interested to see how things develop on that show. It's not bad.... but I don't know if it's terribly good, either. I guess maybe should just watch and judge for yourself... there's also a whle list of other new TV shows that I want to watch that seem so so so good. I haven't actually dedicated that much time to TV in so long, always been out but now I... find myself at home and on the net (and yet I sometimes find it so difficult to set aside time to update this blog....)

Anyways, think that's enough for this week~ hope you enjoy the rest of your week =)
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