Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wish You Were Here

The post in which I wonder about my employment future/a rant

My current job situation is like this: I am working part time/casual at a promotions company promoting mainly food products, I think this is called FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)... but anyways, while also working part time at a educational union 5 days a week. Next week will be the week that I will have ever worked 7 days in a row and also on one day 8 hours... maybe I've done more than 8 hours once, but I guess since working at a bookshop about 5-6 years ago. Since then, I have not worked for more than 5 hours.

So, my dilemma is bundled with my wants of moving out into the city because to me it would just be so much more convenient but then at the same time would be costly, should I get just any job or should I be a bit more patient and put my wants aisde and only apply for jobs that are related to or in (i.e receptionist/administrator at a events company) my field of study (event management).

I've been having this dilemma for a while. There's a few jobs that I have seen that are not related to my field of study but is a job that "will do for now". So, yeah wondering if I should just get 'any' job for now... Although, on the other hand, I have seen this advertisement for a job in Wellington that is graduate/entry-level that I think will be perfect for me! So, I've definitely applied for that. Oh, on top of all that, I may be a Girl Guide Leader. I read up on the job description and seems that could really help in the future with securing an Events job, with the organizing and planning of activities. So, that would help, I think.


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