Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Next Step

The above picture has nothing to do with this post, just thought [and from this post onwards,] it would be nice to have something visually nice to look at it... kind of relates... with stuffed monkey working? But anyways...
I looked for jobs in admin tonight and found a few that I was qualified/experienced in.

Though, my dilemma is, should I look for a admin job at a company that is related to my field of study so I can level up/climb up the ladder/be in the know if any jobs are going within the company or just essentially get any admin job for the time being while also looking at relevant jobs? Cos the thing that I'm thinking about is that obviously, most of these jobs are full-time permanent and I am [already] feeling bad if I left pretty much as soon as I start [not literally, but even a month or two, that would be... not good =\]
I think I'm going to go have a talk with a careers counselor at uni, while I still can...


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