Monday, March 7, 2011

Lost and Lessons Learned

One of the few pictures that was salvaged... an ornament that I'm not sure where I got/acquired that has been fixed after taking a big fall...
Somehow I lost all my files on my camera's memory card... :( I had taken lots of photos for 30 for 30 of the items of my clothes.... =\ don't even know how it happened nor can I get it back through Recuva... well some of them. Sigh.
Anyways. Watched two movies tonight to add to my list of movies so that makes it about 19 movies... still need another 32! Eeep...! Not sure if its possible to watch 211 movies in one year! (2011) But nothing is impossible, so I will try my best to! Tonight, I watched An Education and The Tooth Fairy. I already started watching the latter movie a few months back but got bored of it for some reason and for An Education, decided to start watching from the top, in alphabetical order but then skipped... a lot and decided to watch The Tooth Fairy after, lol.
I really enjoyed An Education. I had some idea of what it was about but was really surprised at how it turned out. Really liked it :) and The Tooth Fairy, not so much, it was nice and had its funny bits, but don't think will want to watch it again.
Oooh, and have a job interview tomorrow for a recruitment company! Wish me luck! Also have a busy day tomorrow. Tomorrow will see me do that one (or so) last thing for to complete my degree! I probably should have spent time on that instead of watching a movie... will do some work on it before bed and also make sure I have everything I need in order and organised/ready for tomorrow!


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