Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Tonight, I made dinner cos my mum wasn't home and decided to make instead of buying something premade. Decided on Tuna and Pasta bake but then because I didn't really like some of ingredients (one, the corn), I looked for more. My one turned out really nice. I actually just found one recipe, decided that I didn't really like it and just took a look at all of the recipes I found and just improvised and cooked how I wanted to cook everything and it turned out quite incredible, I think. Photo evidence below.

I also baked red velvet cupcakes and those turned out REEEALLY well as well! This could kind of count as having baked another recipe from my 200 Cupcakes recipe book that my BF got me for Christmas but... I didn't use that recipe because I didn't really want beetroot in it... I guess could have omitted it.. oh well. The ingredients for this recipe is a combination of a few different ones I found and then I used this recipe's method cos it was simpliest and used buttercream for the icing.  They were soft, moist and. Just. So. Incredible as well! Particularly with the chocolate buttercream icing I made with it... although the first try, I added too much water [first attempt was just icing + hot water + a little butter) and... then decided to try the buttercream one. =\ So, overall I think I did quite well in the baking and cooking department today :) AND the icing actually stays in tact/shape! I'm quite happy about that! ^.^

This weekend was two of my friend's birthdays, BK and D. The night started off at Mexicali in which most of the girls had a frozen margarita with dinner and I surprisingly managed to finish most of my dinner! (That really amazed me, btw lol, probably because that was my first meal of the day....) After dinner, we went next door to the Mac Brew Bar and continued drinking, the cocktails were $9 instead of around $14.50! :D I had two, a apple mojitio and min chi. I really liked the latter, couldn't even taste the alcohol! Amazing! <3 Then later on around 2 or 3, went back to PS's house and played cards, hung around his place. Good night catcing and seeing friends. Oooh also got asked on behalf of my friend if this bartender was single, heh. Think I might have been a little tipsy.....

Anywho, Friday night saw me taking forever deciding what to do, was already out in the city but then it started POURING! So, that ruined my plans for the night, ended up hanging at V's place and had a really yummy dinner there! It was delicious~ heh XD then decided would go see a movie with P. We ended up seeing Never Let Me Go. Such a nice movie! It was the second time I had watched it so I knew exactly what was going to happen when... still so, so sad when I watched it a second time... wouldn't mind watching it, again!  Then went to play pool with PS and B and PS's friend and it was quite good. I enjoyed it a lot. After about 4 games with them, went to see some other friends whose plans were ruined by the rain but I saw that it wasn't really raining that much so decided to venture out.... but I was so wrong! It started up again.. ;__; but went out clubbing with friends from high school and another friend, CL and her friend T. Didn't really dance much which I was disappointed at and, also I am never going back to Globe! I liked the music before but.... after that night, NEVER! I got hit on by this awful guy and my friend didn't quite get the hint that I didn't want to be there anymore and yeah.... not a particularly fun night... got home around 3am. Only two redeeming part of the night was spending time with high school friends and the meal at Wendy's... the chicken bites are quite nice! ^^  That's my weekend. Sunday, I mystery shopped and watched Pretty Little Liars. I love that show! <3 I wish on blogger, that you could cut/hide some parts and not just from a certain point onwards.... =/

And on a random note, anybody want to take a guess at how much the below cost?

What I bought under the cut.

  • 1 kg frozen peas
  • 250 g mild cheese (Rolling Meadow)
  • 750g pasta shells (San Remo)
  • 7 button mushrooms (0.152 kg)
  • 185 g tuna chunks in springwater (Pams)
  • 1x orange capsicum [was on special, I think]
  • 1x green capsicum [was on special, I think]
  • 1 litre lite milk
  • 1x onion
  • 1x tomato
  • 50g Pasta Sauce Mix sachet (Continental)


  1. Your tuna pasta bake looks delicious! As do the velvet cupcakes. I'm getting hungry just looking at the pictures.

    Sounds like you had a pretty good time hanging out with friends, apart from the awful guy - they're the worst!

  2. Hehe. Thanks :)

    I did, yeah that was the lowlight.... >_<


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