Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Officially Finishing....

And other stuff like having a really bad memory and forgetting what I wore on Saturday (just 3 days ago)! ;___;

Remembering what I wore is for the 30 for 30 Challenge.... sigh! So disappointed at myself... kind of feel like starting over again next month.. I could just begin again next or this week but... it's just the fact I started and remember all my other outfits but this one. Yeah, also that I didn't take any pics cos I'm waiting on my new tripod which is hopefully better than the last one (its not a 'real' gorillapod, I don't think, I got it from Trademe) I got... I just couldn't get it sitting right, when I changed it so that the camera would be vertical, it was kind of hard and finally the little balls kept coming off if I moved it too much to the left or right! >_< So, yes hopefully I remembered right.

But anyways, onto the 'officially finishing' thing! Today, I completed the last thing I needed to do to finish my degree! I did my presentation and it went so much better than I imagined! It just kind of came naturally and my lecturer was really amazing in her feedback! Can pretty much say I rocked it and am now entering the temporary world of "looking for a job" then "the real working world"! Oh, I also figured out a way I can gain more events experience and also leadership experience, possibly! Going to look into it and hopefully it'll be good!

Yeah, other than those two things, nothing else has been happening much other than lunching with friends that I don't seem to see for ages on end! It was really nice catching up and all~ really wanted to see another friend while I was in Greenlane yesterday for my job interview - which went well, but was already a done deal in that I was just filling out paperwork and doing tests to determine my ability level, which btw, I also did really well, will post that up another time - but was really busy and needed to be in town for other things. My life.... but now that my degree is finished, just need to find a job and continuing my regular job from the previous year... is it just me or does other people dread going to work but then it turns out to be fine? I'm starting to think I'm allergic to work... I mean, just thinking about working 9-5 is making me feel funny... but I know that that is the world and my next step in life after uni.


  1. Maggie!! I was just looking at your old blog today and wondering what happened to you! So glad you have a new home and didn't poof on me! :D

    I'll add you to my new list when I get home from work. <3

  2. I hope your new tripod is better. Congratulations on finishing your degree, hope you're able to find a job quickly!


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