Monday, April 11, 2011

Bumper Crop Post!

Kudos to the person who knows where part of the title comes from. =)

Haven't updated in ages cos just been so busy and haven't had time.... or been kind of been procrastinating... >_<

March goal check-in.
March Goals
  • Working 15 -25 hours a week: Only worked 30 hours all up and 20 of them was in one week =\
  • $10 left in bank account: Nope. 
  • Read 2 - 4 books: Didn't happen...
  • 30 for 30 challenge - no spending on clothes: Was good up until the last week, when I needed to buy a white singlet... I think that's poor preparation, could have asked around if anybody had a white singlet... so, that ruined it. Also, didn't start the 30 for 30..
  • Routine - Cleaning + moisturizing: Yes. For most of the days except when I was at BF's.
  • One craft: No :(
  • 8 - 10 movies: Yup, 8 movies all done!
  • 3 lessons of photograpy completed: Nope... I had yet to do this one part of this assignment. But I did it yesterday.
  • At least $400 altogether saved in both savings accounts: Didn't work that much so didn't save... at all. >_<

 March Financial Round-Up 
Below the cut... (I also apologize in advance for how the table following the pie chart sticks out! Next time, I will definitely be sure to make sure it's as small as possible....)


Friend’s birthday dinner and two small meals I think with friends. I need to make notes, I forget >.<
Dining BF
5 dining outs with BF. Averaging around $30 each
Filled up between $50 and $99… fuel is so expensive!
Mobile, internet, Trademe topup, Pokemon cards (lol)
Miscellaneous ingredients for baking or cooking.
Fresh veges for him
$80 to fix my phone, magazine,
Mostly hair accessories I think and $30 for two shirts at Jay Jays
Small foods or drinks here and there.
2 gifts for friend’s birthday.
3 desserts plus one with BF I think.
I think it was just the one night on two friend’s joint birthday… three cocktails and also another night out clubbing.
I really need to make notes, I have a terrible memory! >_<


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