Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If I Were You

A little update... stopped doing the Project365... I think I forgot a day and then just canned it... I really do want to complete and partake in one... soo maybe next month. Sigh.

My 30 for 30 was  going well until... Friday I think. I have no idea what I did on Friday other than work and going back to Bf's after going back to the supermarket a second time cos I forgot to do something... u_u need to figure it out..

I've also given up (kinda, for the moment) on job searching... I know it's only early and I'm probably complaining about nothing but I think I need to upskill. I thought I was quite experienced in admin/office but well, maybe I'm aiming too high. I dunno, I just haven't looked at jobs on Seek or Trademe for a while. I have sent in a query about volunteering/being a Guide leader since I think (and hope) it could give me some experience in event/activity planning and also because I've personally participated in Guides myself.. I know I shouldn't give up from the rejections but, well I think I've taken a small break.

I want to get away for a bit and take a breather... but I have no money so maybe just take a break from furiously applying for jobs. I think I need to make a plan and start emailing companies. I'm also quite tempted to take a course in journalism or something. Something like marketing or PR.... there seems to be a lot of jobs going for graduates in these courses... I picked the wrong major(s).

Ok, that's enough ranting and updating.... until next time... hopefully it'll be less rant-y and sad.


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