Monday, January 31, 2011

January Spending Summary

To start off with, my current living situation is still at home and don't have to pay any rent or any other things, any 'groceries' are food and drink that is/can be bought from the supermarket. The other thing that might be odd and/or confusing is Biscuit is my pet guinea pig and that is the things that I buy for him, like fresh veges, pellets, cages etc,  and I think everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

This my first spending overview. Hoping to do more of these to keep track of my spendings and maybe even spend less... >_<

  1. Transport: Topped up fuel once a week. Although this week, went out too much and hence overused fuel and also because had to work far away. Really hoping I get reimbursed from Inland Revenue for my fuel for work.. Also, $1.50 worth of bus rides.
  2. Groceries: Seriously can't remember, but once, most recently, bought about $40 worth of gorceries for two meals and can't remember the rest... might have to keep receipts to remember..
  3. Entertainment: Movies, phone topup, magazine (Cosmo). Probably next time will split my magazine subscription into months...
  4. Miscellaneous: A rubbish bin [that I don't really need], vodem stick, and forgot two $5 purchases... =\
  5. Dining: dinner and dessert with friends before and after movie
  6. Dining BF
  7. Biscuit: Pellets, 3 vege trips and bought a new cage for him, will also be reimbursed from selling his old cage.
  8. Hair & Beauty: Bought Nivea sunscreen, which will last me till 2014 I believe and also 3 random hair accessories that I probably didn't need but wanted....
  9. Lunch/Dinner: Lunches and dinners purchased by myself. This month was 1 lunch and 2 dinners... maybe really one altogether.... but on seperate occasions in one night..
  10. Gifts: One gift for a birthday. Was a great price too! Went at the right time and also halved with a friend :)
In total, I spent $886 this month.... o_o definitely need to cut down... and most of this came from my savings with exception to one pay of $157...


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